Multiple Metabase on the same server

So far Metabase has been so interesting to Me.

But i have a question, i have a server (ERP NExt) with Several Instances. After installing Metabase, i want to be able to Open my Metabase page for Separate Instances .

Any ideas or suggestion.

Problem I’d anticipate is that the Port variable for metabase is set at the system level so that all the instances would try to connect at the same address.
Someone with more experience will probably be along to correct me, but I can only think of two options:

  1. Use Docker
  2. Edit the source code so that the port is set in a different way
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Okay can you put me through Using the second Options?

i already have it installed on Linux Server

No need to muck around with the code - it’s a config in an environment variable. Look for: export MB_JETTY_PORT=<12345> in this nice section Running Metabase on Debian as a service with nginx provided by a community member.

edit: that by the way got to my attention because @dncpax added a link to it in WIKI: Setup and configuration in different environments (so - yes … the first drop of Wiki-works-as-a-Wiki :tada:)


Would that allow him to run multiple copies? I thoght that was a global setting.

Just scope it to the context of each copy (e.g. wrap it in a small shell script before spawning each jar) - then it’s not “as global” any more :wink:

New post for that WIki?

(I’ve deleted my incorrect earlier posts - I did say someone with more experience would be along!)

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Hehe @AndrewMBaines … we’re thinking along the same lines her - nice! :smile: Actually if you would just restore your first post (the one I just liked) - then me referencing @Kolotayo’s response to that would still make sense … and @Kolotayo if you then delete your last lost above then I think we would have a cleaned up entry ready for “WIKI-inclusion” (that’s a word … now …)

@jornh could you please share script to spawn metabase jar on different port on same machine?

I almost gave it above, so not knowing anything about your environment a naive example could be:

Instance 1:

export MB_JETTY_PORT=3001
java -jar metabase.jar <whatever options your're using>

Instance 2:

export MB_JETTY_PORT=3002
java -jar metabase.jar <whatever options your're using>