WIKI: Setup and configuration in different environments

First make sure you have covered your bases and Read through relevant sections of The mighty Fine Manuals provided for Metabase. There is both a Operations Guide and even a Troubleshooting Guide

Also a lot of questions asked around here tend to not really be Metabase specific but are more about generic questions how to connect to various databases, setup HTTPS with handling certificates etc etc. For a lot of these questions you want to ask, really - the slightly cheeky answer would be google, Stack Overflow or is your friend …

After that here are a few pinters to get ypu started:

more to come here - as this is a wiki feel free to add pointers to insightful posts

… sorry nothing here yet … I (@jornh) just ran out of steam after wrinting those rants … also please don’t feel shy to jump in and soften the tone, fix my spelling mistaeks etc etc.

A meek beginning below - let’s see where the wind will take us :wind_face: :sailboat:

Database connections - driver specific pain points, troubleshooting, tips&tricks …

:blue_book: RTFM: Connecting to databases and data warehouses with Metabase has really good Troubleshooting Guide hints!

Datebase Current best summary topic
Microsoft SQL Server Connect Metabase from Linux to Sqlserver Running in Windows (0.27 or 0.28 versions)
MongoDB Metabase + MongoDB Connector for BI
please add more for your favorite DB

Securing connections

General automation

Oh, and if you are still with us … then, yes of course … after having looked these places and if you still haven’t found the answer to your question, or is very new at all this and don’t understand all the tech babble - welcome!, glad to see you … and ask for help or get a quick pointer in here. In the end we all want this to be a nice community for everyone wanting to use Metabase …


Thank you @jornh for sharing