Need suggestion for EC2 instance size

HI Team,

We are planning to deploy Metabase to AWS for production and our database is snowflake, which is quit big and are expecting 100 users to access the Metabase.
The Metabase database is postgres.

And we are planning to run the Metabase container in a single EC2 instance.
Can any body suggest what should be the configuration of EC2, which can handle the load.

Like what should be instance type , CPU, Storage, etc.

You can start with something and scale up or down based on the cpu usage and other stats.

will this work at horizontal scalling, i meand running multiple docker containers in different EC2 instance and having same matabase DB(postgreSQL) ?

@bhaweshintouch Just for reference, in case someone finds this in the future, yes Metabase is horizontal scalable:
Can we run multiple docker containers pointing to one ALB(aws application load balance))