No default dataset is set in the request

I just started using metabase, and everything works great. I’m using the bigquery connector but I’m unable to write sql queries. I constantly get:

Table name “events_2055918” missing dataset while no default dataset is set in the request.

Any ideas or input? Would love to get the ball rolling with my dashboards :slight_smile:

Hi @trojans10
Which version of Metabase?
My first guess was that the sync/scan process wasn’t completed, but since you’re getting the error on Native (SQL), then I would think it’s a problem upstream - and first time I’ve seen that error.
Doing a search, seems to be related to which Data Location is being used in BigQuery:

Thanks for the swift reply! I sat here banging my head agains the wall. I solved this! I didn’t have the database location infront of my table while querying!

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how do you give the database location in front of the table?