Not able set up email for STARTTLS

Hi Exports,

We are using Metabase v0.42.3 and we have to setup mail with STARTTLS
but we couldn't set up the mail and test , getting error

I didn't see any document to set email for STARTTLS
some one please help with this

Hi @Harish
Have a look here: STARTTLS authentication

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Hi @flamber

I went through the link which you shared with me , but same details were working in other applications .
In the link I didn't found any solution for the problem !!

@Harish I cannot tell you what the problem is. Some people are having problems, while others are not, and some are having problems with some accounts but not with others.
It's a problem at Microsoft, but I don't know what they have changed.

We spoke with Microsoft about this error they saying they support only TLS version more then 1.2 ,

Metabase v0.42.3 running which version of TLS ?

@Harish The TLS version depends on your Java version, but all modern versions support TLS 1.2+
Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.

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Hi @flamber I am also facing the same problem for set up email with STARTTLS.
I am using the Metabase version v0.45.2.1 which is the latest version.
Is there any solution for this.