Not able to Ask a question

Not able to ask a question and a create a dashboard from the embedded app.
If that’s not possible then what’s the point of buying enterprise edition

You need to give us a clue about what the problem is.

Opening new topics without given more explanation or details does not help a lot.
Metabase Creating Users automatically
Make sure that you write a detailed email to support - otherwise it’s very difficult to help.

Hers’s what I embedded on my dashboard and I am unable to find any option to
Ask a Question or Create a new dashboard or browse data from this embedded app

@pdagar29 I don’t understand the problem is or what you’re trying to do. It sounds like you’re trying to use Full App Embedding, is that correct?

Yes I’m trying to use full app embedding, but it doesn’t work as the name suggests. I’m not able to view the admin section in my web app despite being an admin.
But I’m able to use admin when I visit the url where metabase is deployed.

@pdagar29 Well, that would have been helpful if you wrote that to begin with.
But since you’re having problems accessing some parts, then check the Metabase log and browser console for any errors.