Not all filters are Available when defining Click Behaviour?

I have a dashboard with a four filters, but when I try to define the click behaviour of one particular card, none of the ID filters show up as an option.

However, if I try to define the behaviour of another card in the same dashboard, the ID filters appear.

Is there any setting a card that I could have set to make these filters to appear?

I understand my question is very open at the moment, but I am trying to understand if this likely a bug, or potentially just me setting a few options wrong.


Ok, I partially understand it now.

How I solved the problem:
Changed the Data Model in the Admin panel to change the column I wanted to filter from ID (Entity Key) to title (text).
Then, I changed the filter type from ID to Other categories.
and Voilá

I think the main problem here (a bug?/a feature request?) is that I cannot have a variable of type ID without making it a Filed Filter.

all looking good now.

Hi @z3h
Difficult to say without seeing the query you have, but dropdowns are only available on Field Filters.

See pictures of this problem in this other similar post: