Permissions to Downloading CSVs from Analyze


My team is currently moving from a very open permission system and starting to lock down Metabase access, including removing the ability to write raw sql from non-Data team users. In revoking raw sql permissions, however, our users found that they could no longer download CSVs after using the Analyze feature to filter query results.

We’ve been able to work around the issue by adding filters to the question, but ideally our non-sql users would be able to filter and download CSVs themselves. Is there a permission I can toggle to allow them to download from Analyze? I haven’t been able to find any documentation that suggests sql permissions are required to download CSVs.

For context, we’re running 0.32.8 on Heroku.


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Hi @chaspe
I remember this issue, but I was not able to reproduce on 0.32.6:
But try upgrading to 0.32.10 (remember to backup).
The latest release is 0.33.6, but Analyze is not available since 0.33: Where is "Analyze These Results" shortcut on new Metabase v0.33?

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Thanks! We decided that we should upgrade 0.33.6 :slight_smile: