QA to metabase Production

What environment specs do i need to setup metabase in production env

Hi @anonymous
You need to provide information on the size of the dataset Metabase will access, how many users you expect at the same time, since those factors makes the largest impact.
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What is your specific question?

ok so details

number of users at a time may be 15-20
database is of a company

please is that clear enough

We all use our own database - I’m asking how big the database is in GigaBytes - and what type of database is it?
How are you going to host Metabase? Amazon, another cloud provider, local servers, …

database type is postgres
im hosting metabse on local servers
db size is approximately 1.5GB

i hope this information helps you to
help me

That’s a small database. If the structure is correctly indexed, then queries should be fairly fast.
So I would expect Metabase can run with 1GB RAM (preferably 2GB), but 15-20 concurrent users you’ll see a bit of CPU load, nothing crazy though, so a 2 core 2Ghz should be fine.
As for storage usage, that’ll be minimal, only the application and the metadata, which shouldn’t be more than 1GB.
The best way to figure out is to setup a test and check the resource usage.

thanks very much