Question revision history?


I have the latest version of metabase (0.33.4) and I cannot seem to find where I could have a revision history for a given question, as described in this thread for an older version

Anyone knows where it is and can show me ?

It’s been hidden very well!
You need to click the Edit icon, then:

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Oh, I should have clicked everywhere but here… Thanks !

I’m not going to admit to how many places I looked first…

Sorry this was hard to find! Where would you have expected it to be? Thanks for the input.

I thought the pencil button was just to edit the question, nothing else (that’s why it took so long to find).
First place I looked was in the list of questions. I was expecting to find it behind the … menu in the collection:
Most of those options also appeared behind the pencil, so seems odd not to have the revision history there too.

I think revision history and Add to dashboard should have their own icons when looking at the question. Next to the pencil would make sense.

I don’t think the Move and Archive options should be available from the question at all. Mainly because when I’m viewing a question, I don’t think about it’s location within the collections. Happy for others to disagree with that though!


I need to get the revision history for all the questions saved in Metabase.
This is to analyse the usage and creation patterns of the ecosystem.

Let me know if you find anything, Regards.