Results retrieved from search by User ID not appearing in table as intended; Only 2 results appear when there are more known results available

I have joined one SQL query and three tables, titled [User Journey]+[Core User]+[Core Profile]+[Core Message].

In User Journey, I want the connection between users, from Core User I want the user first name, last name and ID, I need Core Profile for their email address and Core Message to know who sent a message to whom.

Now I am searching for a specific user's messages to all other users by either his name or his ID, and I only retrieve one sent message and one received message. He should have more than that, in particular one user I know who has messaged him doesn't even appear in the results. Am I missing something? What other data might I need to retrieve the full results of all of his message history?

Hi @Sarah_McRae
So it all depends on if you are left, right, inner or outer joining.

In your case, it sounds like you either want to filter on CoreMessage table - or reverse the order of the data.

It's difficult to tell why you're not seeing the results you expect, but find the message that you know should exists and then backtrack from that to figure out why it's not included.