Search questions using a specific column

the data warehouse in my organization is about to evolve and a few specific columns are going to be removed. To avoid craches, I want to update all Metabase questions that use these columns.
We have more than 8k questions, so I can't check each one individually. Is there a way to list questions that use those columns? Even with an API, that would be fine for me.

(At least, using the search engine allowed me to find those in Native SQL)

Thanks for your help.

Hi @Mickael
This is one of the difficult parts of the metadata that we're working on creating tools for.
It's very complex, since references are in many locations, but you want to look in the application database table metabase_field which has the columns and these are referenced in report_card (and less so in report_dashboardcard). The references in report_card are in multiple columns and in JSON blobs.

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Thanks, I've made a query looking for either the field ID or the field name in the dataset_query blob of the table report_card, it works like a charm!

Thanks a lot!