Secondary customized development of Metabase Tips

Hi community!!

I am a new user of Metabase. We plan to carry out secondary customized development of Metabase to connect with our existing index system and use the existing index system data as the default data model for users. It's like adding a new type of data source.

What are the general changes needed to accommodate all the data exploration and analysis functions?

Also, where can I see the technical architecture diagram of Metabase?

Please help.Thank you!

thank you

Hi @qmeng
I don't think I understand what you mean by "existing index system".
It sounds like you are ETL'ing your database and just need to connect to the ETL'ed data source, just like connecting any other data source via Admin > Databases.

Which type of diagram are you looking for?

"Existing Index System" is a system that stores metrics, dimensions and datasets, this system collects a lot of user defined indicators data, if can be directly used in BI, it will be very convenient.

A diagram of the following type.

@qmeng It would be a lot of development to build something like that. Perhaps it would be easier to synchronize your "indexes" into Metabase similar to what a DBT project has done

As for diagram, there isn't any like that, but Metabase is not a set of micro-services. Also have a look at Metabase Architecture

Thank you. I'll take a look at dbt-metabase.