Slack App Integration - Help With Channel Name

I had the channel set up as "mm-metabase-channel-app", then I absentmindedly changed the channel name to "mm-metabase." The automation stopped working once I did this, so I went into the dashboard and changed the name of the channel to "mm-metabase" and it still doesn't work. So I went into Slack and changed the name back to "mm-metabase-channel-app" but the name in Metabase still says "mm-metabase" so it is not working.

Is my only option to uninstall and reinstall from the beginning or start with a fresh channel? Is there any way I can reuse the channel I already have with either name?

Hi! can you post diagnostic info?

I don't know if it was changing the name back to the old channel name or reinstalling Metabase, but it works again now.