Slack app integration not able to finish set up

I was able to install the Slack app, and from Slack's side it appears to be installed. On the Metabase side, I am not able to progress to step 2.

I can't find "Slack Bot User OAuth Token" in my Slack channel at all. Where do I look?

Hi @Sarah_McRae
Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.
If you don't have credentials to administrate your Slack workspace, then you'll need to ask someone else to do it.

@flamber - I was able to finish the installation by uninstalling and installing again from the beginning on a new channel.

Are there any pages that describe how the app works and what it does?

@Sarah_McRae The app allows Metabase to communicate with your Slack workspace, so Metabase can send messages you have configured in Subscriptions or Alerts.

@flamber Thank you!