Starburst Metabase driver

Hi, Team.

I am using Starburst Metabase Driver (GitHub - starburstdata/metabase-driver: Starburst Metabase driver)

I have a dashboard with filter using that driver. Metabase sends two commands to Trino:

1- PREPARE statement1 FROM -- Metabase:: userID: ....

2- EXECUTE statement1 USING [ARGS]

Is it possible to change the name of the statement(statement1), for example to a unique identifier?

Hi @Diego78
Didn't I already answer this a couple of weeks ago? Metabase starburst connector

Hi @flamber,

It's related to that thread. Does a feature currently exist to change the name of prepare statement?

@Diego78 I'm quite sure it's handled in the driver, so try asking the question in the driver repo.