Time filter for Dashboard causes "No permission"

I have created a dashboard for a group of users where they see their queries, everything works fine and they can see all data. But as soon as I add filter “Time” it fails and the users get no permission error (console says 403).

Any idea why this happens? I am running v0.32.10.

Hi @jehalvar
I’m fairly sure the issues with permissions on certain queries (with and without filters) in specific collections was fixed in 0.33.x - latest release is 0.34.2
Always backup before upgrading.

Thank you for the quick response.

I will see to it being updated.

I updated this now and now it works, but when I want to drill down in a quesiton and see the data in it (ex. I have a query that shows number of cases) it isn’t possible, permission error.

Is this as intended? I have set rights to curate collection.

To clarify, it seem to not be possible to click on a question to go into it and maybe download the result and so on.

It would help a lot if you posted the full error messages - Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs

I’m not sure I understand how you’re doing drill-through or what your permission level is for database/collection.
Could you provide a step-by-step way, so I can reproduce this - preferably with Sample Dataset?

Seems like the new problem is the same as Drilldown Option without data permission

Yes correct, commented that as well :slight_smile: