Tooltip (Hover) Not Displaying Proper Data

For context, I am running v0.46.6.1, and was not having this issue prior to this version update.

I built a native query that is displayed in a 100% stacked bar chart. The report shows client progress day-over-day, and is divided out by various statuses (Accepted, Pending, Unanswered, etc.). The chart properly shows the percentage of each status for the cumulative clients for each day, but the tooltip when you hover over the chart has two main issues:

  1. The values only represent the first client's numbers for the designated date, when it should be cumulative for all clients on that date.
  2. The tooltip shows the raw numbers instead of the percentages, even though it labels them as percentages (% Pending, % Accepted, etc.). For example, in the screen shot I've included, the date of June 17, 2023 shows zero for Pending and Accepted, but you can clearly see the chart contains data for those statuses on that date.

@Luiggi can you assist with this?

Has anyone else dealt with this issue? I'm using the open-source version of Metabase and wondered if perhaps it's something you could customize with premium, but looking into it that doesn't seem to be the case. This appears to be a bug, but unfortunately having trouble finding anything about it anywhere else online or getting any traction here. Any help or advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated!

@Filmon can you check when you have some spare time?

@Luiggi @Filmon - a quick update - I was able to get the values in the tool tip to display as percentages with some SQL manipulation, so the main and outstanding issue I'm having is that the tool tip only shows the numbers for the first row in the data set. So for this example, I'm only seeing the percentages for one of many projects that are included in the actual visualization. I would like to see the cumulative numbers for all data within a set date.
As you can see below, the tool tip is showing 98% unanswered and 1% accepted, which are the numbers for one single row, whereas the chart itself represents the full data set with closer to 50% unanswered and 35% accepted.