Unknown MySQL Queries

Hi to metabase community,

I have a KACE K1000 appliance, for those who don’t know it’s an IT ticketing system from DELL. Since we are using Metabase to create our dashboards, some queries are running on the K1000 database (MySQL) which are unknown to me.

Moreover they block the scheduled backup process, which makes the whole appliance unavailable through a web browser and basically we have to call DELL Support to login with their root account and kill the query processes manually.

Is there any chance that Metabase is running queries on the database that are not written by me? I have already disabled the In-Depth Analysis but the issue described above happened again.

Could you please let me know if Metabase is running any non-user written queries?

Thanks in advance.

Hard to say definitively.

Couple of possibilities:

  1. Someone ran a very large query that timed out and wasn’t actually killed
  2. There were hanging “analyze” queries
  3. The “sync” queries (which just list tables + fields) hung for some reason
  4. There’s a bug in the feature flag for “in depth analysis” function for the MySQL driver

To narrow things down, can you share the actual queries being run? It should be easy to exclude (2), (3), or (4) based on the query as we generate specific kinds of queries for those cases.

A feature in our next release, https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/2386, will make debugging things like this easier.

Thanks for replying. Sadly I can’t because the Dell Technician that logged in our server didn’t kept the queries. I had a fast glance at them and they were referring to tables that I never run queries against them because they don’t contain valuable data for our department.

I disabled in Depth analysis and I hope that our ticketing system will stay trouble free. The feature seems nice as well!

I would also like to take the opportunity and thank you and your team for this awesome product.

Thanks for the kind words!

If it does occur again, we can try to dig into it and try to track down their source.