View Details as table in drill down is missing with latest version

Hi ,

I am using enterprise edition and have noticed that this feature as attached which was available earlier is no more available. Is there anyway we can get this feature ?


Hi @NaveenHadagali
It is available by clicking the Raw Data toggle in the bottom-center below the visualization.
As for the Analyze-button, that was removed since 0.33.0: Where is "Analyze These Results" shortcut on new Metabase v0.33?

Hi @Flamber

Thanks for the update, yes i can see the data in tabular format, however as you can see the screenshot in earlier post, there was option to “break out by category” which is not available,

Is there any way we can acchieve this after navigation and without editing the notebook editior?

@NaveenHadagali Yes, via the Summarize button, which almost has the same options as Notebook.

Thanks for quick reply as usual.