Why is there no "download full results" buttons on dashboard public shared links?

I think the addition of the "download full results" button on dashboard widgets is great, and users being able to directly access a .png is also really useful.

I'm interested in the reasoning behind not including these buttons on widgets when the dashboard is shared publicly. Was this an intentional decision or an oversight?

For my use case this would be a great way of people getting access to an export of a dynamically filtered subset of a question's data. These people aren't generally users of Metabase, they may require a set of data once every 3 months for instance. I know there are other ways of achieving this but this would fit well with our existing processes.

Users should be able to download up to the limit (1M rows)

Sorry @Luiggi if I wasn't clear. This is what I see on a dashboard when logged in:

But for the same dashboard via the /public/dashboard/ route I see this:

There is no option to download the widget data.

If users have a link directly to the publicly shared question via /public/question/ they get the download options on the bottom right, but that's not quite the same thing.

Or am I missing something?

v0.46.2, Firefox

@Luiggi Is dashboard level download filter available only in paid plans? Because I could see download at card level but not at a dashboard level in my dashboard.

No, this should be available. Can you check in the embedding options of that dashboard? Go to the place where you see the embedding preview and check if download is enabled

@Luiggi I couldn't see any option for download in the dashboard preview as well. I am on the latest open source version of metabase.

I'm seeing the same behaviour. On this embed the download link shows up on hover for each card: Ocrelizumab

But not on the public link: Metabase

Got it, this is feature request Allow export/download from Public Shared dashboard · Issue #6687 · metabase/metabase · GitHub

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