[0.30: DONE] Ability to download from Dashboard

Currently the ability to download the data (CSV, XLSX and JSON) is available from the question view. Can we have this functionality also available at the dashboard level for each question.

A similar thread exists for dashboard Is there an export feature for the dashboards?. The idea here is to allow download for each question.

Any plans to support PDF download in near future?


This feature proposal is being discussed here:

Before coming across Metabase we developed several analytics dashboards for multiple for clients and, to our surprise, they all requested being able to download data from tables in the dashboards to Excel or a CSV. It would be great to be able to do that! Going into the question and downloading the CSV from there can be 1) intimidating for some users and 2) annoying for others.

@leal5264 Currently when a dashboard is shared in embedded mode, users do not have any possible means to download the data. So allowing the download option for questions at dashboard level should resolve that.

@maz, the request here is different from what is discussed in the issue that you have referred to.
We already have the download option at the question level, can this not be extended to dashboard level. The request here is to have an option to download the question data from the dashboard.
Please see the attached for details

Can this be considered as a feature request?


Has there been any progress on this feature request?

This feature is much needed.
Is there any plan to work on this feature ?

I agree too. It’s needed.

I agree that this feature is needed. The metabase dashboards make it easy to share data with clients without having to create a new front-end to embed the questions. Many clients want to download the data in the specific questions from the dashboard.

Please upvote the GitHub issue cited previously (create login if haven’t already). The more upvotes a feature/suggestion/issue gets the more likely it is addressed in an upcoming release.

Should be implemented and available to try out in the v0.30.0 RC1 release candidate.

To use the feature you have to set up an embedded dashboard. See the two screenshots in this comment for an example of what the user experience looks like.