Questions won't save

This is in reference to Save question dialog box doesn't complete

I REALLY REALLY need someone to look at this. Questions won’t save and it’s impacting our ability to service our clients.

I updated the original question 5 days ago and haven’t received a response.

Please advise. Thank you.

Have a question that won’t save, I know you said it was prob a dc/os issue or something, but here’s the messages I’m getting in the log (attached)

, please review the attached log messages.

Also, this is my last day here, so someone else will be following up.

Welp, it saved today so.

I know this is a bit old, but I’ve seen that metabase tries to execute a question before saving it, sometimes.

What I’m currently doing is going to the database and killing metabase query - as soon as it is killed, the questions saves. That is some pretty odd behavior, and I’m telling metabase to save, not to run the question - on top of that, I can’t expect my users to access Database and kill a query just to be able to save a question. Pretty weird. Is there any bug issue open?

Do you see anything in the browser console or Metabase log? I’m assuming 0.31.2
Without much to go on, it sounds similar to this:

All I could see in my logs was
“Card results metadata passed in to API is MISSING. Running query to fetch correct metadata.”

It kinda explains, but, how can it work when I just kill the query - and, more importantly, how can I just avoid that behavior all together?

I’ve read that post - I’ve even commented on that post (I’m lp-lima on github). What I can’t do is get rid of this… :frowning: