Feature Requests and Suggestions

Filter Search (4)
Support Sybase DB (3)
Selecting chart fields by column order when using native SQL (1)
Google Hangouts Chat (2)
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Background color of cell could be white (1)
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Show date with short format on graphics (5)
Upgrade Jetty Webserver JAR (2)
Pinning Dashboards - Groups / Permissions (3)
Default time filter for new Question (1)
Multi-series "inner join" (1)
[0.31.1 DONE] Ability to Copy a dashboard with other name (4)
Can't hide points in stacked chart (1)
Excel-like pivot features (3)
Keep original columns names visible in Data Model (4)
Radar charts availability (2)
Waterfall chart? (2)
BoxPlot in Report (1)
Admin's message in activity tab [has workaround] (6)
Joining Across Databases (Federated Joins) (3)
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Cross-filtering (5)
Couchbase support (3)
Authentication using auth0 (3)
Can you Disable The Password Reset Option For Users (1)
Drop down scroll is not working properly - Not listing down all tables even though i scroll through the drop down (1)
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